Over Mij


Welkom op mijn site

Mijn naam is Carola Kayen-Mouthaan ik woon met veel plezier in Heijningen (Brabant)

Ik heb daar ook de luxe van een eigen studio.

Ik heb mij passie voor fotografie ontdekt in 2008 iets wat ik nu met liefde doe.

Voor mij moet een foto gevoel uitstralen en dat is wat ik probeer in mijn foto’s vast te leggen.

Sinds begin 2016 heb ik de fine art fotografie ondekt

waar ik mij inmiddels in heb gespecialiseerd

Ik hoop u een keer te zien bij mij in de studio.



My name is Carola Kayen-Mouthaan, I live in Holland.
I have been a photographer for 10 years,
I have my own studio at my house.
I started with a shot of a girlfriend that she was pregnant, in a small attic, now I have a large studio near my house 6 by 9 meters, made by my husband. I get my inspiration from old paintings and the internet. And sometimes I meet somebody and I get an idear, just looking at that person.
My passion is Fine art photography because it has a lot of emotion, pure and old-fashioned feel.
I love to take photos that are different from your standard photos, as the girl herself paints, a real skunk or men with a red nose and lips or crazy faces. Model with a white face and real animals
I also love photographing people from different countries with their culture.
I claim beauty is something that is not what people look like in humans
I’ve been published in a few magazines, Imirage magazine, modellerland, ND magazine, Zoom, clip photo magazine, FEMME Rebelle Magazine.
I won a gold bar award by Photo Guild UK, and 6 silver bars and 2 bronze bars
And a Bronze Prize by One Eye Country

My most proud moment was may 22-2017, I opend my first photo exposition In honor of my mom how died 1 of may 2017.That is the most proud and special moment.