Yesterday I received 2 photos from Francesco Marinaro from WePhoto of my photos that I have donated to them with great love to exhibit during the exhibition on the occasion of Women’s Day in Italy. He wanted to exhibit my photo (which I made during my workshop in Ukraine at Dmity and his wife Olga with model Zoya ) To raise awareness and ask to pray for the Ukrainian people.In the first photo you see Francesco Marinaro is next to my photos and in the second photo The women of the evening join their sister of the Ukraine. They have all prayed for a speedy return of peace.He also told me the following after I told them to keep the photos, If there are other pro-Ukrainian or anti-war events, we will use this beautiful photo that amazed everyone again. How beautiful is this, I am amazed that my photo can cause this. It’s just such a shame it’s necessary.Remember dear people LOVE NO WAR